The UrbanPeriscope's kick-off meeting took place on 9 January 2020 at The Cyprus Institute’s site in Nicosia, where the partners gathered to discuss in person the project’s objectives, and future work and expected plans. The meeting concluded with discussions related to the project’s pilot sites and the related plans for developing the necessary technology and procedures.

HIT will assume the role of the UrbanPeriscope Platform developer. The activities include the design, development, customization and documentation of the final UrbanPeriscope Platform whose operation and accessibility will be defined based on the various stakeholders and targeted user groups. HIT will be in charge of the overall implementation of Platform and the BIM tools to be integrated for the holistic management of Heritage data (HBIM). Additionally, the Platform will provide mapping of heritage buildings using interactive maps for geoinformation viewing, graphical data representation and visualization through multiple filters, interactive maps, seamless connection to external databases through APIs for data importing.

In addition to this role, HIT will also be involved it project’s exploitation, where community building and workshops will be organized in order to connect with the identified stakeholders and educate them during training workshops, while conducting user evaluation pilot in order to receive user feedback on the Platform’s functionality and overall user experience, as well as in the definition and validation of novel business models for the commercial exploitation of the UrbanPeriscope Platform.