HIT Hypertech Innovations

actionable insights from DATA

....connecting the DOTS

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HIT Hypertech Innovations

actionable insights from DATA

....connecting the DOTS

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Solving the right problem with the most appropriate methodology

Enterprise IT Solutions

The tremendous amount of information produced daily inside and outside of organizations imposes new challenges and creates opportunities for the modern enterprise. Raw data and their analytics can be used in all industries to allow companies and organizations to make better business decisions and verify or disprove existing models or theories of operations. Asking the right questions and extracting high value knowledge from these data gives a competitive advantage to the enterprises, which will adopt these practices. HIT enterprise IT unit's mission is to help organizations and enterprises to uncover at its full potential the hidden value of their data & processes. We focus on five (5) main topics: Knowledge & Content management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Big Data Analytics, e-Signature and IT Consulting.

Fintech Services

We provide tools & services for the Asset/Investment industry based on state of the art Artificial Intelligence & machine Learning practices.

We have a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance with more than 25 years trading experience each, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia. Our partners operate & develop ideas & tools from London, New York, Athens, Cyprus.

Check here our ΑΙ state of the art tools for investor and traders: undefined

Smart Energy

Smart Energy Solutions unit focuses on designing and developing innovative techniques and solutions for automated analysis of consumer profiles, as well as, the development of intelligent and automated techniques for real-time balancing of supply and demand of electricity (power balance optimization), while overcoming critical factors that prevent widespread adoption and implementation of demand response strategies (Demand Response - DR).

The unit aims at providing flexible solutions for small and medium-sized electricity consumers and integrated solutions for electric utilities and service providers in the field of demand management (Aggregators).

The business strategy of the unit includes research and development of advanced technologies, to create a full suite of solutions and products appealing to everyone involved in the electricity market, namely:

• Solutions for consumers: Tools for Creating Detailed Consumption Profiles (Consumer Profiling), Tools for personalized billing reports (Informative Billing) and Innovative Solutions for Building Automation.

• Solutions for Public Agencies and Business/ Industrial Consumers: Multiparametric solutions to optimize energy consumption without compromising business performance targets (Entertprise Performance and Sustainability), Tools for the analysis and real-time monitoring of power consumption data (Billing Analysis, Monitoring and Optimization), along with energy consumption forecasting and reporting tools.

• Solutions for Utilities and Energy Services Companies: Tools for analyzing Consumers' Portfolios and shaping optimized billing strategies, Innovative Solutions for Forecasting and Management of Electricity Demand, Tools for Electricity Trading Optimization and Risk Management and cutting-edge solutions for ensuring semantic interoperability between infrastructure / devices / systems of smart grid, adopting the approach of the Internet of Things (Cloud and Standards-Based Services - "Internet of the Grid").

• Consultancy and services for smart grid technology including energy storage, electric vehicles, holistic techno-economic assessments, market assessments and end to end project management.

Research & Development

Excellence through innovation

HIT builds on top of the 20-year experience of a team of researchers, software engineers and ICT professionals. Before the recent establishment of HIT in 2016, this team has led, managed and implemented multiple industrial software development and integration projects as well as numerous national and European collaborative research and development projects.




HIT HYPERTECH INNOVATIONS LTD (HIT) is a Cyprus-based Web, Mobile and VR applications provider SME founded in 2016.


If you have ideas, the energy and the intelligence to make them come true, send us your CV. Besides blood, sweat & tears, we promise great fun with a team of creative & nice people!!

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