The 2nd RenoZEB project meeting, which took place on 23 and 24 October 2018 in Bilbao (Spain), involved on the one hand updating of all partners regarding project progress and discussing the project plan for the upcoming period and on the other hand the visits to the 2 sites in Spain where the experimentation and piloting activities will take place.

The first site visited was the KUBIK building (see its characteristics here: located at TECNALIA premises in Bilbao. According to the project plans as the RenoZEB prototype becomes available, it will be validated in one of the cells of KUBIK. This building provides a relevant environment to demonstrate the performances of RenoZEB system from multiple points of view (easiness to install the façade and integrated installations, thermal performances, new building process), before being installed in real demo buildings in Spain and Estonia. In case that any nonconformity is detected, it will be solved minimizing costs for suppliers and disturbances to building users and avoiding loss of confidence in RenoZEB system.

The second site visited was in Durango where a residential building (see its characteristics here: is going to be used for testing the RenoZEB system in real-life conditions.