DELTA project partners gathered in Cyprus for the first plenary meeting. This marked the first occasion since the project’s kick-off meeting in May that the 10 project partners met in person to discuss DELTA’s progress and provide plans for what is to come as the project matures. The venue for our plenary was the city of Nicosia.

Of particular interest to HIT have been the sessions regarding the DELTA virtual node infrastructure layer design and the virtual node multi agent system. Both these tasks are led by HIT. HIT representatives gave initially an overview of the WP3 activities, including the design part for the Virtual Node ecosystem of DELTA. In this session, there was a fruitful discussion on the virtual node functionality, such as the functionalities that the DVN will encompass towards facilitating existing and new business scenarios (DELTA cases for aggregators and prosumers). The internal components of this layer of the architecture have been revisited as well.

During the meeting, there was also a very interesting visit organized to the FOSS Research Centre. There partners got a glimpse of the center’s collection of solar panels and technology systems which can monitor and validate solutions for sustainable energy practices. Equally impressive was FOSS’s climatic chamber which has the capacity to simulate and forecast weather conditions mimicing 20 years of weather in just 1,000 hours.

The 2-day meeting concluded with discussions related to the project pilot sites and the related plans for developing the necessary software to be deployed, as well as with an update of the project’s dissemination plans and the organization of the next plenary meeting.

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