HIT has been recently awarded with a new contract from the European Commission (Project Acronym: PRODUCER) with the aim to develop an innovative collection of ICT tools that support various stages of the documentary creation phases, ranging from the user engagement and audience building, to the final documentary delivery.

Apart from the key objective of reducing the overall documentary production cost and time, enabling small documentary production houses (SMEs) to increase their market share and competitiveness, PRODUCER would result in:

  • providing greater creativity and productivity to documentary creation professionals, stimulated by new production sophisticated tools that enable searching, annotating, editing, personalizing professional and user generated content,
  • enhancing viewers’ experience and satisfaction by generating multi-layered documentaries, and delivering to the viewer personalized services, and
  • facilitating the promotion of the documentaries to investors.

Seven partners from 6 EU countries - Cyprus (HIT HYPERTECH INNOVATIONS/ Integrator), Italy (MEDIASET/Coordinator), Greece (ICCS/Technical Coordinator), Germany (FOKUS), Germany (FLYING EYE), Belgium (DOMINO PRODUCTION), Switzerland (FINCONS GROUP AG) - will work together for 18 months in the €1.25M PRODUCER project.

Project website: http://www.producer-project.eu/