HIT has been awarded with a contract from the European Commission (Project Acronym: SerIoT) with the aim to develop a useful, open & reference framework for real-time monitoring of the traffic exchanged through heterogeneous IoT platforms within the IoT network in order to recognize suspicious patterns, to evaluate them and finally to decide on the detection of a security leak, privacy threat and abnormal event detection, while offering parallel mitigation actions that are seamlessly exploited in the background. Starting from the pressing need for safe and reliable IoT infrastructures the SerIoT project will provide a reference framework based on key enabling technologies, including Software Defined Networks, Secure IoT routers, Fog Computing, Analytics for improving embedded intelligence of IoT platforms and devices, and will also research design-driven features for improving both resource efficiency and self-monitoring of next generation of “Things”.

ΗIT provides its technical expertise in the formal specifications of behavioural-properties for the IoT to be used to detect and mitigated attacks, the formal analysis of global security properties of SerIoT IoT architecture & use cases, and also in the integration of SerIoT components and the IoT warehouse infrastructure. Finally, HIT is actively leading the dissemination activities of SerIoT and further participates in the development of the project exploitation and business plans for scaling-up and commercializing as well as standardizing its results.

SerIoT is an international partnership of fifteen partners from eight countries, including the: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), Univesrity of Essex (United Kingdom), Technische Universitaet Berlin (Germany), Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany), Organismos Astikon Sygkoinonion Athinon AE (Greece), Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece), Center for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece), Joint Reseach Centre – European Commission (Belgium), Hispasec Sistemas S.L. (Spain), Hop Ubiquitous S.L. (Spain), Atos Spain SA (Spain), Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain), Grupo de Ventas Hortofruticolas SL Gruventa (Spain), Austriatech (Austria), HIT Hypertech Innovations Ltd (Cyprus).

Project website: http://seriot-project.eu